About Youth Sports Conditioning Programs

May 11, 2017

For those of you who don’t know me, I am fitness trainer, engineer and Palm Beach Juniors mom. My daughter is on the 13-USA-South team. Although 2017 is our first year with Palm Beach Juniors, I’ve been exposed to the high caliber of athletes involved in the program since the late ’90s when I first began training high school athletes.

One of my early clients was Ashley Youngs, a veteran of Palm Beach Juniors and Lake Worth Christian School. I was fortunate to do one-on-one strength and conditioning with her and dramatically increased her vertical jump. The level of commitment, maturity and focus Ashley had was incredibly impressive, especially at that young age.

From what I’ve witnessed, the coaches at Palm Beach Juniors promote a strong work ethic along with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for all their athletes. As a fitness trainer, it’s exciting to see this! When young athletes are given this type of direction in a positive setting, they not only become better athletes, they also become disciplined, hard working people! This is certainly a foundation for success in all endeavors.

This year, I was able to coach the 13-USA-South team through several of their conditioning sessions. My goal was to improve their physical strength and explosive power while strengthening areas to prevent common overuse injuries. It is equally important to me that our athletes understand the benefits of the exercises they are doing and the proper, safe execution of each exercise. When given the knowledge of how specific exercises relates to their volleyball abilities, they are able to focus better and accomplish more in less time.

I’ve fine tuned a training system for our young players that can improve play, posture and confidence, while giving them knowledge and skills for a lifetime of good health. There’s only a short time during the summer where PB Juniors doesn’t have regularly scheduled practices. I’m using this break to conduct two “mini-camps” that will keep our athletes on the right path for a strong, injury free club season.

I’m able to offer group classes with the feel of one-on-one training at Lantana Fitness. If you are familiar with Lake Worth Christian School, where many of the PB Juniors practices are held, then you’ll be excited to know that the host facility for my programs, Lantana Fitness, is just around the corner from the school. Less than a three minute drive! It’s a beautiful facility that is friendly with a small town type atmosphere.

Not only will they improve conditioning, they will also learn the right ways to strengthen the hips, upper back, shoulders, and the midsection. They’ll do exercises to prevent and reverse the damage of overexposure to hitting, and exercises to improve the forward, rounded shoulder posture that can develop from texting and school work!

Together we can make our young athletes Strong and Powerful on and off the court!

Kira Langolf

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