August 20, 2015
  • Share Your Strong and Powerful Moments!

    Visit our upload page and your video may be chosen to be featured on our YouTube channel! Strong and Powerful Moments Upload page.
  • How to Be Confident & Powerful!

    Self-talkThe “I Am” statement is a powerful tool to use in changing how you value yourself.  Too often, “I Am” is followed by some self deprecating comment. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE! Have you ever really thought about how you view yourself? Not how you want others to view you, or how you think others view ...
  • You Make A Difference!

    Our mission is to supply you with tools to overcome adversity. The power to recognize your true self-worth and the ability to ignore bullies and people who put you down. The Mantra “I Am Strong and Powerful” is just the beginning of the journey to find confidence, self-esteem and live the productive, amazing and ...
  • Discover Your Super Powers!

    Uncover your talents, learn more about yourself! These interactive worksheets will help you sort your thoughts, define your uniqueness and begin a new path of self-esteem. Be sure to date your pages! You’ll be returning to them in the future! Plus, look for more information on these topics in future posts! Helicopter Worksheet Positive Personal Qualities SMART goals STOPP worksheet
  • About

    The Strong and Powerful mission is to help bully victims, abuse victims and anyone damaged by life events, find their unique qualities, purpose and inner strength. Together we can make a better world!   You Make A Difference! I truly believe that each one of us has something to offer, to make this world a better place. When ...

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