How to Be Confident & Powerful!

The “I Am” statement is a powerful tool to use in changing how you value yourself.  Too often, “I Am” is followed by some self deprecating comment.


Have you ever really thought about how you view yourself? Not how you want others to view you, or how you think others view you…but YOU…how do YOU view you? What do you think of you? Take a moment and consider that question before reading more.

Fact 1: The mind believes what you tell it.

STOP! Now read that again. Do you really get the full understanding of this powerful principle? Do you understand that whatever you tell yourself, whether it is true or not, your mind will believe! Your mind is your control center!
Never fish for compliments with your mind or be sarcastic with it! Your mind just doesn’t work that way! It takes everything you say literally! Now, think about that for a second. If you tell yourself “this is hard,” it will be hard. If you tell yourself, “I lose weight easily,” then you do. Your mind becomes conditioned to believe as true, what you tell it most. This is true whether you tell yourself the truth or not! Make sure you fuel your control center with only powerful, productive messages!

Fact 2: Your Subconscious Mind is powerful.

Have you ever “fished” for compliments? You know you have! The problem with that is your mind does not fall for it! The mind thinks you are telling the truth! When you say, “I am so bloated. I look so fat today!” and wait for a friend to tell you, “Oh no, you’re not. You look great!” your mind believes only what YOU said. Your mind doesn’t understand “fishing” for compliments.

Fact 3: Your mind also does not understand sarcasm or jokes.

When you make jokes about your pants being tight or feeling fat, your mind believes it and will guide you toward fulfilling those thoughts! Your mind wants to be consistent with your actions, whether you realize it or not! Sarcastic self-talk does a great deal of harm! Be careful what you tell your mind! It makes no difference if you think or speak negative words. What your mind hears it believes to be true!
Pay attention to your thoughts and words. You’ll often repeat the same phrases several times a day. Write these phrases down.  In a future post, I’m going to teach you how to use the Formula for Success to change these destructive thoughts.

Fact 4: Your thoughts can help or hurt you.

If you find you have destructive thoughts drilled into your mind, then you must work to re-program those thoughts! Awareness is half the battle! Re-programming requires YOU to become aware of self-sabotaging statements. You can and must re-formulate those thoughts into powerful, present tense, productive statements using “I Am!”

Positive Change Tip:

Every time you have a self-negative thought, change it to a powerful, present tense, productive statement beginning with  “I Am!” Then write it down and repeat it at least 10 times each day.

Only YOU can change the way you think about yourself!